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80 Questions to Ask a Women's Basketball College Coach

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I spent 5 years as a Division1 women’s basketball college coach. During those 5 years, I spoke to dozens of girls basketball players and their parents.

The most shocking thing about the conversations— players and their parents rarely had questions. As a college basketball coach, I’m asking questions to get to know players and their families, to see if they are a fit for our program, to see if players are interested in our program, and to learn more about what players are looking for in a women’s basketball program and school.

However, players and their parents aren’t doing the same. They aren’t asking questions to learn more about our school, our team, our players, our coaching staff, our culture, our playing style, our academic programs, our career development, our student development, mental health, etc.

I thought about it. Players and parents want to learn about the schools and programs recruiting them. However, they don’t really know the right questions to ask. 

I decided to provide the questions.

10 Questions to Ask Yourself

A lot of times, I would get on the phone with a player and their parents and they wouldn’t have any questions for me. But not only that. They were also not prepared to answer my questions.

To find your fit in a college basketball program and school, you first have to know what you are looking for in your college experience.

Recruiting should be an interviewing process between the players, parents and coaches.

College coaches already know what they are looking for in players. They know the skills they need for their programs. They know the type of character they need for their culture.

Players and parents have to be just as specific with what they desire in a college basketball program and school.

Included are 10 questions to help you start thinking about what you want as a college student-athlete.

Table of Contents

Questions to Ask Yourself
Questions to get info about Your Skills
Questions to get info about the School
Questions to get info about the Basketball Program
Questions to get Academic Info
Questions to learn about the Head Coach
Questions to learn about the Assistant Coaches
Questions to learn about their Recruiting Philosophy
Questions to learn about Student Athlete Development
Questions to learn about Life as a Student Athlete
Questions for Parents
Questions to learn about NIL
Questions to learn about Player Expectation
Questions about Season Traveling
Questions to learn about Basketball Style of Play

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80 Questions to Ask a Women's Basketball College Coach

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