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Sink or Swim: Women's College Basketball Coach Quick Start Guide

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Nothing can prepare you for being a college basketball coach. Not coaching high school or middle school basketball. Not coaching AAU basketball. Not running basketball events. Not even having a scouting service.

I did it all and I was not prepared to be a college basketball coach.

I became a women's college basketball coach after a 20 year career in Information Technology.

In IT, I had internships, books, YouTube videos, existing code, etc. to help me with tasks in my career.

In college basketball coaching, I didn't have much to help me with making my first recruiting call, completing my first scout, building relationships with players, nor surviving my first July evaluation period.

I looked for a blue print to help me get started as a rookie college basketball coach. I struggled finding something.

After talking to other new coaches, I learned that I wasn't the only one that felt overwhelmed with never ending tasks and information.

So I decided to create something that would give new coaches a sense of direction.

During my first 4 years as a college coach, I documented things that I learned from others and things I learned from my own experiences.

This is what you will find in the Quick Start Guide:

-What to expect during your first year

-Who the most important person to take care of

-What needs to be done yearly

-What you need to be asking and who you need to ask

-Learn best practices during meetings and while recruiting

-How to prepare for the eval period

and much more!

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Sink or Swim: Women's College Basketball Coach Quick Start Guide

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