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Girls Basketball Recruitment Roadmap

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Most girls basketball players go through their high school basketball careers trying to get recruited by women’s basketball college coaches, unsuccessfully. 

Year after year, seniors get to the end of their high school seasons with no basketball scholarship offers. 

Getting a scholarship to play college basketball is not hard to do, if you are doing the right things.

This actionable roadmap is going to help you get noticed by college coaches. 

-Learn an important part of your recruitment journey beginning your 9th grade year

-Learn what determines the amount of opportunities you have to play on the college level

-Learn 2 academic resources to play at an NCAA school

-Learn a simple activity that will create an advantage for you

-Learn what you can do daily, weekly and yearly to become an above average player

-Learn the most versatile FREE resource to promote yourself to college coaches

-and much, much more

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Girls Basketball Recruitment Roadmap

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